My First Feng Shui Success Story
by Yoshi Makino (2006 Graduate)

My first feng shui success came as a surprise even to me. My client’s house was typical, too much furniture in too little space. The chi was stagnant. I spent a half a day rearranging furniture to help circulate the chi. Afterwards, using the Lo Pan Compass, I calculated the auspicious and challenging areas of her house and made recommendations. Interestingly enough, our rearranging had inadvertently enhanced the prosperity sector of the house.

As I was leaving, my client casually mentioned that she was having problems selling her daughter’s car. She explained she wanted the money to spend on the house. It would help her buy such items as a new area rug in her dining room. I had recommended a rug to ground and settle the space. She confessed that she was discouraged because her daughter’s Toyota had been “tricked out.” As a result, it was riding low to the ground and deterred buyers. The interest was so low she was compelled to take out a newspaper ad in the neighboring city.

Driving home, I pondered what to do about this car. With my limited experience, I knew of no feng shui cure for selling cars. But the one thing I had noticed was that the car was parked outside the most inauspicious sector of the home.
I called my client and suggested she move the car into the prosperity sector, which we had enhanced earlier in the day.

The next day, I received a phone call from my excited client. She had sold the car!

After she had moved the car, she received four phone calls from people who frantically wanted to see it. The first interested people to look at the vehicle were an older couple. They were pleased that the car was low to the ground, making it easier for the disabled woman to get in and out. They bought it and paid cash. Good timing because this was the last day of the newspaper advertisement.

In addition, my client has a beautiful new area rug that anchors her dinning area nicely. This has become her favorite room in the house.

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