Feng Shui Professional Certification

JOIN the world's most comprehensive, best established and most successful curriculum in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui (TCFS) and Taoist Philosophy with teachers Liu Ming, Howard Choy, Manu Butterworth, Alex Stark, John Kokko and many others. Our school offers the only full-time training in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui (TCFS) anywhere in the USA.

Study and Qualify as a Practitioner Consultant in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui

Without question, we offer the finest training available anywhere in the world. This program builds confidence and understanding to develop and enhance your own life as well as the lives of your family, friends and clients. You will learn all the necessary skills to be well placed for the growing demand for feng shui practitioners & ecological services. You will explore the universal principles and ancient wisdom and make this knowledge culturally relevant to our modern times.

Soon to be acredited, our practitioner training program, developed over the past 10 years, is a three year course of study that makes TCFS, Taoist philosophy and Ecological awareness - accessible, engaging, inspiring and EMPOWERING. It will also help you understand how to harness and capture the CHI (life-force) for health and LONGEVITY.


About the program

The practitioner training is a three year program broken into nine trimesters Each trimester runs 14 weeks with a week break in the middle and a month off before the trimester begins. Class takes place twice a week at our campus in Berkeley CA with

Who should consider doing this training?

Practicing feng shui is ideal:


Right now we have the opportunity to spread more light, healthy attitudes and optimism on our planet than at any other time in recent history. I urge you to take advantage of this amazing time and delve deeply into ways you can help nurture and protect the planet. This curriculum is one of those tools.

Our purpose is to affirm our wholeness and to trace the common thread which unites all things.

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The Spirit of the School...

By changing myself, I change the world.
-Robert Muller

Golden Gate Feng Shui School is dedicated to teaching individuals to live vibrant lives by showing them how to make lifestyle changes that extend beyond themselves. Our intention is to have our students apply newfound knowledge of healing modalities to their own lives as well as help others make profound changes in theirs, thus creating harmony, enhancing lives, and fostering wellbeing in their communities.

Whether your motivation to attain professional certification stems from the desire to develop a sustainable and satisfying career path, or from a desire to understand the energetic imprint our living choices have, or from a desire to impact the health of family and friends by understanding how to harness the healing power of environments, this course will have a profound and lasting impact that flows through and beyond our own lives.

Our Educational Approach...

Teach principles, not dogma.

What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
- Titus Lucretius, Roman poet

Although this statement was made in the first century AD, it still holds true today. It forms the basis of our belief in teaching principles, not dogma. Therefore the purpose of our course offerings is not for students to adopt external belief systems, but rather to expand their own.

Understanding principle opens the door to intuition and allows our actions to flow naturally. By internalizing the coursework and combining it with their own knowledge, students create stepping-stones that allow them to develop their own practice specifically tailored to each situation and client.

Offer experiential learning

Wisdom becomes knowledge when it becomes your personal experience.
-Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master

We believe in offering students an opportunity to experience the coursework, not just listen to faculty talk about it. Therefore most classes are set up to provide both lectures and hands-on experience. That means you will have opportunities to:
•  Conduct Feng Shui site visits and develop your own recommendations.
•  Take Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) reading yourself and develop remediation suggestions based upon information you have learned.
•  Learn about Feng Shui Topography by traversing the land and locating ley lines, dragon veins, and auspicious sites.
•  Discover how to diagnose geopathic stress (damaging earth energies) that impact a site through methods taught in class.
•  Participate in earth and water rituals, ground-breaking ceremonies, and other processes that allow us to uncover and connect to the hidden spirit of land, sky, and water.

In addition, students that opt to complete the Fast Track program will be guided in coursework whose end result provides the professional framework from which to create a thriving Feng Shui practice.


Each year since its inception, the Golden Gate Feng Shui School has presented a program whose content expands and changes to reflect the unique needs of the time. This year is no exception. We have an amazing program.

Foundational Coursework:

This curriculum is comprised of nine trimester over three years, based on:
•  Foundation and Form School
•  The Lo Pan Compass: The Trigrams and the Ba Gua
•  Bazhai Methods
•  Ming Gua
•  Flying Star Techniques and Advanced Lo Pan Compass
•  Guided Site Visits
•  Four Pillars Tao Astrology
•  Guided Site Visits
• Topography and Landform
•  Dowsing and Land Rituals
• Living Environments

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Course Format

Good work is not accomplished in haste.
- Chinese proverb.

Our professional certification program requires a three year commitment in the form of nine trimesters. Classes are offered two days a week. This approach gives students time to digest information and avoid overwhelm. Most classes are two hours a week with one or two lasting three hours.

The Instructors

Golden Gate Feng Shui School tailors its faculty roster to reflect diversity. Our commitment to finding in teachers of the highest quality results in a worldwide faculty comprised of experts renown in their field, many with over twenty years of teaching experience.

Whether new or returning, all faculty offer students knowledge based upon a deep love for what they do, which is evident in their teaching style.

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