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Kimberly Urrea (2004 Graduate)

In this article, GGSFS graduate Kimberly Urrea shares her experience of how feng shui has become a transformative vehicle in her life, creating a career that continues to unfold and evolve. Before studying at GGSFS, feng shui was just a hobby. I worked in the hotel and restaurant industry, and really wanted to pursue an empowering career path. I had been studying feng shui since 1998, and found most of what I had learned to be limiting. I wanted to learn about Classical Feng Shui and decided to attend Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. Simultaneously I was going to school for my Master's Degree in Ecological Design. My desire was to incorporate feng shui with ecological design and sustainability practices.

I was in one of the first graduating classes at GGSFS, and feel I have gained more as the school has continued to grow. I have been involved in student support and outreach, holding review classes and training sessions for students. I really enjoy working with the students and holding space for them to learn and grow. It's an amazing community. I've remained in close contact with graduates in my class and more recent classes, collaborating on many creative projects together. We also participate in support groups working with one another to help achieve our dreams by holding one another accountable for goals we set together.

I have now been consulting full time for 2 years and my practice continues to grow and thrive; it's an organic process that is constantly unfolding and evolving. I view feng shui as a transformative vehicle. I work with transformational design and interior alchemy. It involves addressing the patterns in the environment and the patterns in people. I hold space for people to look at those patterns and create change when they're ready.

I have an innate sense of holding space and allowing for communication to happen. In my early work with feng shui, I felt deeply connected to working with space clearing and earth energies, and bringing nature back into the home. I feel it's essential to create environments that support living in harmony with the natural environment. Ecological design and sustainability practices go hand-in-hand with that process. The school gave me a well rounded experiential training in all these modalities and I am eternally grateful.

Feng Shui is an incredible practice for me. Its an incredible vehicle for personal and environmental transformation. Most people think its about moving the furniture around in the house. Its actually about moving the furniture around in your body. My clients go as deep as they want to and as I grow so do they!


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