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Peggy Nederlof (2008 Graduate)

In this profile, GGSFS graduate Peggy Nederlof shares her experience of how the study of feng shui perpetuated the changes she was looking to make in her life, leading her to end a 20-year career in the music industry and embark upon a new journey.

Before attending GGSFS, I worked in the music management office for Carlos Santana, heading the communication and administration departments for the touring division of the band. There, my career lasted 20 years before I felt I came to the point in my life when I wanted to experience more flexibility. I felt the desire to have a career that would support and develop my creativity and give me the opportunity to be of service to others.

In coming across Golden Gate School of Feng Shui's brochure, I was taken by the pages of beautiful scenery and mandalas interwoven with details of what the program entails. I felt impressed by the school's curriculum, encompassing classical feng shui and eco-sustainable design principles. Seeking out a significant change in my life, I knew by learning feng shui I would deepen my understanding of the cycles and natural processes in the universe, bringing a fresh look to life.

Throughout the program year I felt my learning process to be highly transformative. I was fascinated by the connection between heaven, humanity, and earth, and how these connections play a significant role in all we experience. Through feng shui, I realized how possible change really is. By taking initiative in my own environment I was able to make simple changes that felt good. As a result, areas of my life improved. I became better attuned to recognizing old patterns reflected in an environment, and came to understand how to effectively change that. Working with my clients in a similar fashion, I work intuitively to make positive shifts in their homes and lives.

Currently, I am developing my feng shui business. During the program, I experienced what felt like a learning curve, being a first time business owner. Through the guidance I received from the Vocational Support Program, I gained insight into how to create and sustain a successful business. I learned strategies and skills in knowing where to find clients and how to build my business through marketing and other forms of networking. I also learned how to support myself in this step by step process, and what it takes to become successful along this new career path.

I feel the school is very thorough in educating people about feng shui and bringing it into the context of our modern culture. When feng shui was first developed thousands of years ago, the pace of life moved more slowly. In our society today, technology creates an abundance of ever-increasing speed in our lives, and thus an overly yang energy. Incorporating modern approaches of feng shui into the interior is very appropriate and helpful. Not only does this bring greater balance to the individuals living within the space, but the benefits are there for everyone to enjoy.

Peggy Nederlof
Radiant Life Feng Shui

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