Three Year Program - Courses by Department

Department Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Trimester 4 Trimester 5 Trimester 6 Trimester 7 Trimester 8 Trimester 9
Principles and Foundations Eastern Cosmology I Eastern Cosmology II I Ching Divination   Western Geomancy II        
  History of Feng Shui I History of Feng Shui II              
  Images of Feng Shui Expressions of Qi Western Geomancy I              
Form School Principal Application I Principal Applcation II Principal Application III Environmental Assessment II   Earth's Blood & Dragon Veins Landform and Topography Analysis   Earth Acupuncture
        Environmental Assessment I          
Compass School     Luopan Compass Ming Gua & Bazhai Bazhai/ Ming Gua   Flying Stars I Flying Stars II Flying Stars III
Astrology       Four Pillars I Four Pillars II Tong Shu 24 Qi Nodes Polestar I Polestar II Polestar III
Archetecture and Design Introduction to the Creative Process Exploration of the Creative Process Natural Building I Survey of Contemporary Architecture Design of the Built Environment II     Zang Fu and Architecture II  
      Sacred Geometry Building Construction I Natural Building I        
        Zang Fu and Architecture I Building Construction II        
Professional Practice Consultation Practical Theater I Consultation Practical Theater II     Supervised Internship Supervised Internship Undergrad Tutoring Internship (w/ 9th Trimester Student) Individual Internship
          Digital Presentation Undergrad Tutoring Practice Management I Practice Management II Mentoring
Self Cultivation   Qi Gong Qi Gong Yoga   Self Cultivation - Personal Practice Food and Health I Food and Health II