Sara W L.Ac. - 2018 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School Starting with the fundamentals (yin yang theory, 5 elements and I Ching) this program provided a thorough grounding in the Classical Chinese Theory that is the basis of Traditional Medical Arts, martial arts and Chinese philosophy. I'm an Acupuncturist/Herbalist and this course allowed me to return to the root ideologies of the methods I practice on a daily basis.

Internalizing the concepts inherent in Feng Shui opened my eyes and expanded my thinking to the impact of the environment, on myself, and my patients. But what's more is that there is an artistry and a poetry to the traditional Chinese philosophies that is sublime and feeds the soul.

This program enhanced my Chinese Medical practice and deepened my understanding of Chinese Philosophy and indeed my modern life. It's been an invaluable experience that I recommend highly. - Sara W L.Ac. --- 2018 Graduate

Maggie T, LAc. --- 2018 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School This school encompasses everything that originally made me want to study Chinese medicine but wasn't covered in the MSTCM. The feng shui curriculum revitalized my passion for Acupuncture and TCM. I felt like I was needing something to feed my soul and this truly was it. As a licensed acupuncturist for 17 years, I have witnessed how Chinese medicine has changed my life and the lives of hundreds of my patients for the better. This program hugely augmented my practice.

The instructors were all incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and skillful in their presentation of the material. I also found the students in the program to be inspiring and impressive in their own rights. Both the instructors and students came from a variety of professions and various walks of life, which served to broaden and deepen my perspective on this ancient wisdom.

I am now attending their continuing education classes and they are just as enlightening. I cannot recommend this school and it's programs highly enough, especially for acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese/Oriental medicine. - Maggie Tracey LAc. --- 2018 Graduate

Danielle K, MSTCM Student --- 2019 Graduate  - Golden Gate Feng Shui School The Golden Gate Feng Shui School program gave me a strong foundation in the history, application, and the functions of an authentic practice of feng shui.

I am now able to speak to the reason behind solutions instead of asking clients for their blind faith. When I can explain the reasoning behind my recommendations this makes the application more practical, potent, and authentic. Through my studies I have a newfound relationship with Chinese medicine and the various branches it encompasses.

As a current MSTCM student, I have noticed that my approach to acupuncture has transformed. Truly this program has affected me in all aspects of my life and I have experienced how a school and educational curriculum can provide practical tools to navigate everyday life. - Danielle K, MSTCM Student --- 2019 Graduate

Ross W LAc --- 2017 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School The study of any traditional art or practice always depends entirely on the quality of your teachers and your fellow students. And when I reflect on my time in the program, the thing that always stands out the most to me is the stellar group of teachers that Manu has assembled at GGFSS, along with the wonderful group of curious and warm-hearted students I had the pleasure to study with.

The commitment of the GGFSS community to carrying on the tradition of classical feng shui and educating students about the Chinese cosmology that underpins it is major part of what sets it apart from other programs.

I went through the GGFSS program in the middle of my graduate studies of traditional Chinese medicine. I was fascinated to see how the practice of feng shui is an extension of the same principles that inform the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the Chinese medical tradition.

I am convinced that far more TCM practitioners should add the study of feng shui to their training to deepen their understanding of their treatment principles and to add a powerful healing modality that can have a profound effect on the health of their patients.

And more broadly, anyone interested in the principles of design and how our built and natural environments affect our health, moods, and sense of well-being should seriously consider participating in this program. - Ross W LAc --- 2017 Graduate

Robert L L.Ac. --- 2017 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School GGFSS is a rarity in this age of weekend certifications. They provide a firm base for what can become a lifelong study. The instructors are drawn from an impressive roster of interdisciplinary practitioners, anyone of which would make the experience "worth the price of admission" but in combination also gives a variety of directions for further exploration.

Feng Shui is a lifetime of study and GGFSS is an excellent beginning to a lifetime study. - Robert L L.Ac. --- 2017 Graduate

Sonia I - 2018 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School I had a wonderful experience at Golden Gate Feng Shui School. The instructors and class content were extremely valuable and informative. There is a special culture and sense of belonging at GGFSS that you won't find elsewhere. I highly recommend GGFSS if you're looking for a quality education and stellar professionals - Sonia I - 2018 Graduate

Josie A - 2018 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School This program had an incredible impact on my self actualization, clarity of services, and provided an entirely new language that I am committed to continue developing throughout time and space. I am honored to be able to attune the healing, for people and their environments, that classical feng shui holds. The resources and insightful teachers of the school are exceptional. Much gratitude! - Josie A - 2018 Graduate

Anna M 2016 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School After finding out about the program at Golden Gate Feng Shui School, it took me over a year or more to take the plunge and commit to it. I am grateful I did. The cirriculum was rich, and the teachers were all knowledgeable, kind, and accessible individuals. The small class size allowed for plenty of one on one attention, and in addition created a sense of comradery amongst my cohort. Also, the class schedule allowed me to continue working full time while attending. The program was like a bridge for me. It built off of the knowledge I'd gained through past studies in different branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the same time it brought to words and gave context to my experiences of environment and space, that up until then, I did not have the words or framework to articulate. In truth, ended up influencing the way I view the world in a rather transformative way. Feng shui is a far deeper, more intricate, and vast body of knowledge than the current pop-culture version suggests. This program takes you from the origins of it, all the way to practical, straight forward means of application in everyday life. Since completing the program, I have begun my own practice. I truly enjoy what I do, and am so appreciative to have the knowledge to support people in their lives and spaces in a creative and impactful way. - Anna M 2016 Graduate

Brian S - 2015 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School A great place for education in Feng Shui! The staff is thoughtful in putting together curriculum and field trips. I really enjoyed meeting other like minded students and felt a bond with my colleagues. We are still in touch to this day in fact! I would highly recommend this school if you are a curious beginner or even a seasoned practitioner. I have applied the teaching to my work as an architectural designer and it's been a supportive component of my practice. Thanks Golden Gate Feng Shui School! - Brian S - 2015 Graduate

Yasmin C 2008 Graduate - Golden Gate Feng Shui School Without any hesitation I write this... GGFSS provided the educational opportunity for my being able to help others with their environments skillfully since graduating in 2008. I was also able to implement Feng Shui principals in my business. Priceless! On a very regular basis clients (and staff) report 'feeling' the space to be comforting, safe and beautiful. I am grateful. The course was intense, time consuming and a bit costly. Having completed, I acquired a tremendous understanding. No regrets. The continuing education program GGSFS is now offering intrigues me. I hope to participate sometime in the future. - Yasmin C 2008 Graduate

"This program offers a wonderful introduction to the broad field of feng shui from amazing experts and professionals working both locally and around the world. Learning from them both in the classroom and out in the field was an invaluable experience." - Lauren Dyer, Berkeley, CA - July 2009

"The knowledge acquired during the 9 months program is truly invaluable. It has enriched the way I perceive any environment and has given me insight into ancient wisdom and new ideas of how to create more beneficial living and working environments." - Doris Meier, San Francisco, CA - July 2009

"GGSFS is nothing short of amazing. They offer such a vast array of Classical Feng Shui. This program has helped me understand how I impact the world around me and how in turn am impacted. I have made life long friends and gained knowledge I can only hope to pass on to my family and community. I feel deep gratitude for all the experience I gained from being a part of the GGSFS program." - Sondra Harper, Duncanville, TX - July 2009

"Janine's presentation in natural paints showed me how to create beautiful wall surfaces using natural materials that are toxin-free, budget friendly, and easy to apply. Her presentation inspires one's creative imagination to design and hand-make homes and walls that resonate with the natural warmth and beauty that only Mother Earth can provide." - Susanna Horton, Los Angeles, CA - June 2009

"Matthew is so easy to relate to as a teacher and fellow practitioner. His ability to blend intuition with amazing analytical skills really sets the tone for a valuable learning experience. He is approachable, available, and an important component to the school." - Cat Kim, Santa Cruz, CA - May 2009

"I just enjoy Matthew's teaching style - he is able to present complex ideas in a clearer way than they were originally presented and he's a very patient and engaging teacher. He's also very good at answering questions thoroughly." - Rikki Kiefer, Oakland, CA - May 2009

"The flying stars module presented a complex and multifaceted system of calculation that transported me from a casual feng shui observer to an active feng shui participant. I left the weekend feeling as if I had been given the keys to Feng Shui Kingdom. Thank you GGSFS for making this ancient knowledge available, and thank you Howard Choy for delivering it in only 4 days!" - Hannah Holland, Pasadena, CA - April 2009

"This module offered one of the most intensive intellectual explorations I've embarked on in a - Leah Barlow, British Columbia, Canada - April 2009

"Golden Gate School of Feng Shui is unmistakably the best place to study Classical Feng Shui in North America! The program has become even stronger this year, especially with all the innovative changes Manu Butterworth has made in the the teaching mix course content, and real-world client consultations." - Sanjay Dua, Mountain View, CA - April 2009

"Learning Flying Stars from an expert like Howard is such a gift. The level of information presented just raised the bar on the how I understand feng shui and the way I aspire to practice in the future." - Lauren Dyer, Berkeley, CA - April 2009

"Alex Stark is an amazing teacher. His teaching style is a nice balance of yang (intellectual) and yin (experiential). He is truly a sage of the ages bringing to life ancient teachings and rituals for the healing of the earth and its people." - Hannah Holland, Pasadena, CA - March 2009

"Let me just say that I loved this weekend!!! I felt it was an honor and a privilege to be able to be present in such a sacred ceremony. I now know why I was called to Feng Shui. I feel grounded in the miraculous power that is our planet. The blessings that I feel from this will have a life long impact not only on me but also my clients, family and friends." - Sondra Harper, Duncanville, TX - March 2009

"Walking the Dragon is a powerful way of understanding space and time. Alex is a dynamic and inspiring teacher, with just the right amount of sensitivity to the class energy. He also is well rounded in his approach to FS, drawing from and integrating other schools of healing and space orientation." - Patrick Garretson, Sebastopol, CA - March 2009

"I love the work the teachers are doing - very inspiring and brings to light some glimmer of hope that we can and are shifting these unhealthy paradigms.  I feel like I can breathe a little easier and I really look forward to incorporating all of these arts/sciences/practices into my practice." - Rikki Keifer, Oakland, CA - March 2009

"Alex Stark is an amazing teacher. He teaching style is a nice balance of yang (intellectual) and yin (experiential). He is truly a sage of the ages bringing to life ancient teachings and rituals for the healing of the earth and its people." - Hannah Holland, Pasadena, CA - March 2009

"Learning about topography in Feng Shui added further dimension and breath to the extent of my knowledge. Alex is a SUPERB teacher bringing forth his vast background, knowledge and experience to the class. It was GREAT having Alex as our teacher!" - Josie Shaiken, Fairfax, CA - March 2009

"Loved it. GGSFS - For every serious student that desires to capture and learn the essence in Classical Feng Shui. There is no comparison. Forget the alternatives" - Sanjay Dua, Mountain View, CA - March 2009

"The quality of teaching is excellent ~ the style of teaching is congruent with the subject matter. Liu Ming's teaching conveys the spirit of the Tao as well as golden pearls of wisdom, combined with the practical working tools of feng shui. He makes a very complex and daunting subject friendly, understandable, and digestible."
- Susanna Horton, Los Angeles, CA - February 2009

"Liu Ming is a master of the most unique kind. He lives what he teaches and it shows in his ability to convey and clearly teach the material. I enjoyed Ming and feel that he is a great benefit to the Feng Shui program. I wish that we could learn from him in every module." - Sondra Harper, Duncanville TX - February 2009

"The teacher - Ming was beyond any expectation I had of the quality of information & knowledge. He was entertaining, wise, irreverent & incredibly informed & informative for me as a student. I appreciated the high level that the school started the courses on. I now have a great understanding of the principles to begin the study." - Nancy Copeland, Point Richmond, CA - February 2009

"Studying under Liu Ming is a great honor and a privilege. I'm so thankful to the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui for providing me with such and eye-opening experience." - Candice Lamarche, Oakland, CA - February 2009

"Nothing else I have ever learned in 4 days helped me prepare and do a consultation with such good results. Ming is an expert, a good teacher, and I will study this more!" - Matthew Chapman, San Francisco, CA - February 2009

"This has to be one of the top feng shui classes in the world!  I am amazed at the information provided & what I am learning, and the way it is presented. It is an extremely precious gift to be able to receive all that I gain here." - Katherine Howard, Woodacre, CA - November 2008

"Making use of the Business Coaching phone calls with Monica. In neither instance did I have the time... which is always my issue (HA!)... I did it none-the-less. The first call was inspiring and we had homework... I didn't do the homework because I didn't have the time. As a result, I didin't want to do the second call because I hadn't done the homework... but I did anyway. My thoughts were: "well, it is "free" so just do it even if you aren't prepared". In the second call, I got the help I needed with the time issue. Monica helped me focus on what I could do... I had been focusing on what I couldn't do. Her coaching got me energized and moving again when I had felt bogged down because I couldn't do what I imagined I had to do. You never know, it might be just the thing you need and if you don't particpate, you will certainly never know.

"Regarding the Value of Mentors - I have had only one phone call with my mentor but it was great. She asked me what I needed from her in the way of mentoring. We agreed that since I had the Business Coaching covered with Monica, the best way I could use the mentoring relationship was to ask questions and get feedback on my work with clients. I don't have a lot of clients right now, but having someone with more experience who can be a sounding board for my approach and way of working with clients is so valuable to me. I think of Kimberly as my safety net and this allows me to feel I can take on more.

"Together these are two wings of support that I feel can help me fly into the practice I want to develop.

"Thanks for making this support available!" - Manina Dodd, Ukiah, CA - September 2008

"This has been an exciting and growth filled year for me. One of the best things about it is that I have met so many wonderful people. I hope to continue supporting and being supported by these folks and to grow and develop a way to work with and be of assistance to my clients in their lives." - Manina Dodd, Ukiah, CA - July 2008

"I know that being a Feng Shui Consultant will allow me to have a unique quality as an Interior Designer. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity at such a young age.  I look forward to spreading knowledge of the Feng Shui world to the youth of our country and help empower a solid, healthy, green lifestyle-change for the future." - Suzanne Grocha, Campbell, CA - July 2008

"As a classically- trained practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was impressed with the skill with which the basic principles of the Five Element and Yin-Yang theories were covered. I gained a deeper understanding of feng shui as ‘acupuncture’ for the qi of a place and am starting to make the connection for my patients between the relationship of their medical conditions and the feng shui of their home." - Jaqueline Sohn, San Francisco, CA - November 2007

"When I found Golden Gate School of Feng Shui, I was inspired and invigorated by the act of beginning something new, life changing and so integrative to the rest of my life." - Devin Stubblefield, Sebastopol CA - October 2007

"I was completely absorbed in every moment fascinated with the material during class and in the following weeks as it still percolates in my consciousness. I particularly appreciate the way in which the school stresses balance between an intuitive (Form school) and a more scientific approach (Compass School)." - Marjory Mejia, San Francisco CA - October 2007

"I came away from the first class with a sense that what I heard about energy is something that I have always known but which was brought into relief by being given words with which to describe it." - Manina H. Dodd, Ukiah CA October 2007

"The program is a portal to the ancient, authentic way of living in harmony and balance with energies that surround and comprise us. The modules, built upon one another, provide not only a thorough understanding of classical feng shui—but nudged each one of us towards self-discovery and knowledge. The focus of my life has been transformed. Thank you Golden Gate School for shining the light on what is imperative and right action for these times." - Sandy Yagyu, Carmel CA - October 2006

"I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth in the first three modules. Come prepared to be a sponge and let the information wash over you and become part of your being." - Sandy Yagyu, Carmel CA - January 2006

"They say everything happens for a reason, and that couldn’t been more true than when I discovered Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. I have been studying Chinese Metaphysics, healing modalities and Feng Shui for sometime but didn’t get the whole picture of how it all came together until I studied with GGSFS. His enthusiasm, depth and breadth of knowledge continues to amaze and inspire me. The training I received has provided a solid foundation for me as a classical Feng Shui consultant. Prior to my current profession, I have worked as an art director/set designer for film and television in New York City and in the Bay Area. It was so much fun and challenging at times to create temporary environments that looked like it had real life force. Now as a Feng Shui consultant, I assist in creating living environments to manifest a true life force to really makes a difference in my clients lives. Through this process, I have completely transformed my own life for the better. As you serve others using this ancient wisdom, one learns how to balance one’s own life. Studying Feng Shui is a profound gift, I have given to myself and my loved ones.

"Since graduating from the school, my Feng Shui consultancy has taken off. I have worked with so many wonderful people in all professions, assisting them to create balance, harmony and success in their lives and their environments. My clients are always surprised at how complex and fascinating this process is and are delighted to understand the beauty of this ancient wisdom. I believe we are at the beginning stage of this movement and Golden Gate School of Feng Shui is the heart and soul that can spread this wisdom to the world. I am so proud to be part of it, thank you!" - Sasha Lee, San Francisco, CA - October 2004

"With the logic of a master mathematician and the inspiration of a spiritual teacher, we were taken on a thrilling ride from this humble earth into the cosmological forces and patterns governing our lives. These classes provide not only tools for living in the here and now but also an understanding of the place of humanity in the universe. The end result is a healing of the rift existing in our culture between the material and the metaphysical." - Jessica Levine, Berkeley, CA - June 2003

"On Day 3 everything began to click for me. This created a rush of energy. As we got deeper into the 4 Pillars I was able to recognize where events in my life match up with my horoscope. I am excited!" - Soma Sundaram, Santa Rosa, CA - June 2003

"I have been studying feng shui and related subjects for almost 9 years now and have found that the courses being offered through the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui are invaluable and are really filling in some missing pieces for me--I have even referred my own feng shui students to the school's coursework. The school's vision and integrity are helping to spread a deeper knowledge and understanding through the feng shui community here in the Bay Area." - Kathleen Monroe, San Francisco, CA - April 2003

"A week later I'm still "coming down" from our truly inspiring weekend, which, I feel, has opened a new chapter in my life. It was truly wonderful. I found the explanations of technically difficult aspects very clear. And I loved the metaphysical, historical, and social digressions, which added levels of significance to the entire program. I feel so fortunate to be part of this program." - Jessica Levine, Berkeley, CA - April 2003

" The way you cover so much information in so condensed a time is really good-he's focused, clear, and patient in your explanations and in answering questions. I can't wait for all the next modules. You are fantastic! Inspiring too!" - Joanne Powell, Corte Madera, CA - April 2003

"These classes are truly insightful. I just love it! I also love that you are so willing to teach the meat of the subjects." Julie Hahn, San Rafael, CA - April 2003

"The way the school teaches is great! I really like the detailed explanation and the depth of knowledge you are giving us. I feel that I will be able to put all this wisdom to work." - Lois Wallace, San Mateo, CA - April 2003

"I really appreciated Michael's abundance of information and the significance of a workshop in a field to see practical applications." - Pamela Addison, Oakland, CA - March 2003

"What an awakening weekend! It enlightened me deeply, giving me far more than I could imagine. The first module showed me that from the microcosm of human life, we learn the vast & profound realities of the macrocosm. The teacher couldn't have been a better guide for exploring this integral & harmonious path through the natural principles of feng shui." - Anyo Beaupere, Oakland, CA - February 2003

"After just half a day of studying I knew without a doubt that I had chosen the right teacher, the right school, and the right community of people to spend the year with on my way to becoming a feng shui practitioner. The teacher's knowledgeable, articulate and well-grounded teaching style (along with years of experience teaching), the integrity of the program put together by the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui, and the interest, commitment, and background of the other students makes me feel completely confident that I am going to benefit immensely from this experience both personally and professionally. I am very grateful for having this opportunity so close to home." - Catherine Elliott, Corte Madera, CA - February 2003