What is Classical Feng Shui? by Manu Butterworth

With a true understanding of classical feng shui comes the recognition of the vital interconnection between everything in this universe-the tangible and intangible, each person and environment, every thought and feeling, and the health and prosperity of each individual and group to our planet. When you change a space, you change an inner world too and likewise, when you shift your inner awareness the world outside begins to change.

The Taoists attitude of looking at what's going on in nature formulated some very simple and profound principles - most notably yin and yang and the five element theory. Their powers of observation were elegant yet scientific. When you get to know and understand these principles your intuition starts to skyrocket and you can move into a deep creative flow. Feng Shui then becomes exciting because you've moved beyond 'the rules' and the dogma associated with them.

We start working with these principles in our design process and recommendations, and our diagnosis of a space. Essentially we begin by considering these two aspects: How is energy moving and getting to a dwelling, village, or business? And then, how is energy contained and what kind of balance do we need in that space? We look to see if energy is excessive or deficient?

There is little esoteric or mystical about feng shui techniques. In many cases they confirm your own instinctive ideas about what makes a happy and productive environment. Feng Shui builds on this intuition, and through the understanding of sound principles allows us to maximize beneficial energy flow. Just as acupuncture, shiatsu, and an understanding of food energetics helps clear blockages within our bodies, feng shui locates and uses energy in our environment to create the most auspicious settings. It involves no fancy high tech solutions, just a simple shift of attitude towards an Earth-friendly cosmology that serves life.

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