Daniel J. Hudson, LAc

Daniel J. Hudson, LAc - Golden Gate Feng Shui School Daniel is a doctoral fellow in Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University. He began his study of Chinese Medicine in 1994, at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has worked with Taiwanese and Chinese TCM experts in the areas of herbal medicine and acupuncture throughout the U.S., Asia, and in Europe. His additional post-graduate studies include advanced courses in Functional Endocrinology and Blood Chemistry and a certificate in Homeopathy from The Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies. Daniel also spent two full years studying and mentoring at Golden Gate Feng Shui School in Northern California.

Daniel was first introduced to Chinese medicine in Santa Barbara, California, where he studied professional massage. He completed his Chinese medicine education, graduating in 1997. In recent years, he often travels throughout the U.S. and Canada speaking and teaching about Yin-careā„¢, a Chinese herbal product line he introduced to North America. His numerous trips to China keep him current in the research and development of Chinese medicine and his own proprietary remedies. He sees patients at his clinic in central Denver.

Daniel's Professional Affiliations