Eréne Lejeune

Eréne Lejeune has studied traditional medicines since 1998, when she apprenticed Eduardo Chavarria, a bioenergetic massage therapist, psychotherapist and Mayan shaman. In 2000, she began to study with Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, author and educator Gilles Marin in Berkeley, California. She received her advanced practitioner and educator credentials from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in 2003 under his tutelage.

In 2008, Eréne received her Master Herbalist diploma from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon, where she also attended Portland State University and studied Cultural Anthropology. That same year, she began to study with Dr. Nida Chenagstang, director of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM), and in 2010 accompanied him to his home in Amdo, Tibet. Following this unique internship, she accepted the position of Executive Director of the Sorig Institute, a school of TTM in the Bay Area, and left in 2012 to focus on her next project: being a mom.

In 2013, Eréne completed Liu Ming's Polestar Natal Astrology course and in 2014 was among a small group of students (and the first group in the U.S.) to complete the Four Tantras and to receive the transmission from Dr. Nida, under whom she continues to study. Eréne had the great fortune to study and travel with the late, great Liu Ming, founder of Da Yuan Circle. Her studies with Liu Ming began in 2006 and included many aspects of the traditional Chinese cosmological approach such as medicine, meditation, astrology, feng shui, nutrition, nei kung practices and much more. Eréne currently sits on the Board of Da Yuan Circle. She is also a graduate and adjunct faculty member of The Golden Gate Feng Shui School, 2015.

Eréne feels incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and travel with many great teachers and practitioners of traditional medicine and spiritual practices from around the world.