Kimberly Urrea

Kimberly Urrea - Golden Gate Feng Shui School Kimberly is a native daughter of San Francisco and has a deep connection to the spirit of this dynamic and spectacular landscape. She brings over 14 years of experience as a student and practitioner of Feng Shui, Ecological Design and Spirit work into her private practice.

With an innate curiosity and a sense of deep inquiry, she is committed to opening herself, and inspiring her clients and students to open to the inner-connectivity of Nature and all of its Beings.

She founded Interior Alchemy in 2006 to serve as a catalyst for creating environments that help people thrive. She employs integrative solutions to renew residential and commercial spaces along with the people inhabiting them. She inspires clients not only to re-discover their relationship to their physical surroundings, but also to their internal landscapes knowing that each are a reflection of the other. She is passionately committed to healing, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological trauma in individuals and in the landscape.

Kimberly has taught at the Berkeley Building Education Center and The Skyhill Institute in Petaluma. She is currently working on developing a curriculum to introduce energy management tools and techniques into the corporate sector.