Liu Ming

Liu Ming, Teacher - Golden Gate Feng Shui School Liu Ming is a Euro-American who has studied Asian culture, history and religion for over 40 years. During that time he has had the great good fortune to meet, study and practice with several very accomplished Tibetan and Chinese teachers from whom he learned Tantric Buddhist and Daoist meditation, ritual, yoga, neigong, astrology, medicine, divination and art/aesthetics. He holds a degree in Asian aesthetics.

He was founding director of Five Branches Institute (1984) College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and on its faculty for twelve years. He is also the founding director of Da Yuan Circle (1994), a center (non-profit church) for the study of North Asian religion and medicine.

He is the author of Dragon's Play (1991) and a new translation Changing Zhouyi: The Heart of the Yijing (2005). He is currently completing a 15-year project - Laozi: Daodejing - a translation with commentary.

Returning three years ago to the Bay Area, he continues to teach a variety of classes at his loft in Oakland. Along with his teaching and writing work, Liu Ming serves as an astrological and geomantic consultant. He is an experienced practitioner of Chinese Polestar Astrology. The annual presentations he makes on the archetypes of the Chinese element and animal Zodiac is one of his few public presentations.

About this, he says: "the spiritual path of animism is defined by the willingness (rather than ability) of the practitioner to relax his/her personal story or stream into the Big Story or Limitless Sea of the natural environment" (Dao, Heaven). In animism, it is not a goal accomplished by effort but a matter of relaxing into naturalness. Forgetting and remembering become a dance that is not bound by a fixed or hardened sense of "my story".

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